The Saucy Mover

You’ve moved enough to know that moving is so much better when you have support.
You’re ready to move to your new city, state or county with better tools, less stress, more confidence and most of all more fun.

The following are key areas we will focus on:

  • Help you find your top 5 must haves for a new home.
  • Arrive in Mexico with a basic understanding of cultural differences and how they will impact your life.
  • How to navigate the transition of leaving your home and the life you love for the unfamiliar
  • Scam Proof your move with my vetted resources for real estate, immigration, pet transportation etc.
  • Create a friend group that excites you to leave the house.
  • Create tools to get through the days when, “WTF am I doing” is on replay in your head.

$3000 – 8 sessions (1 hour) in 10 weeks

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