Gaining Confidence and Becoming  Saucy

First move outside the country? This package is for you.

This package will start a minimum of 3 months prior your move. The following are key areas we will work on together.

  • What to pack, what to sell and what to store. It’s overwhelming, I know!
  • Arrive in Mexico with a basic understanding of cultural differences and how they will impact your life.
  • Scam Proof your move with my vetted resources for Real Estate, Immigration, Pet Transportation and more
  • Discovery your top 5 “must-haves” for your new home
  • How to navigate the transition of leaving your home and the life you love for the unfamiliar. 
  • Build a bridge with the relationships you leave behind. 
  • Create a new friend group of people you WANT to spend time with.
  • Construct a routine and structure that feels good to you.
  • We will together create a life that is purposeful and has the meaning you are craving. 
  • Get excited about your new life, one that lasts beyond the newness of your new location.

$10,000 – 12-month program Weekly 1-hour session
(or a cadance that makes sense for your life)

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